The wait is over people we have all 6 pieces to build the bat signal .

Sculpt:   its a Bat Signal with actual light Projection

Paint: Paint is dark, silver, black, essence of a roof

Articulation: the Signal can go go up and down but not so much full 360 around  you need 3 AAA batteries to work the signal.  has a magnifying lens for the signal. looks like it came out of the movie and into your hands

Size Comparison : its pretty big prop goes well with your movie masters line

Accessories: it's 6 pieces  but if you get the Walmart Exclusive its actually 7 pieces where the exclusive gives you a piece that makes your bat signal look like its broken via The Dark Knight movie

Price varies depending if you bought all the figures or just bought the signal pieces

Final Thoughts: this is a must have  for the Dark Knight Rises Movie Master line. the light is pretty bright and has a switch to turn off and on.  to activate the light you must turn switch at the back of the signal and press a button in the front bottom.  the signal will turn on and after a few seconds turns off by itself 

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